Dr. Oz was in my hometown….

Wanna know what’s a really weird sensation?

The feeling of watching your Republican opponent for U.S. Senate play tourist in the town you grew up in.

I mean, it was actually kind of hilarious to see Dr. Oz on the campaign trail in my hometown of York, PA last week. He took a photo at New Eastern Market which is a *classic* York landmark.

New Eastern Market has been operating since the late 1880s, and my parents have been shopping there for as long as I can remember. In fact, they’ve lived in the same house (about three miles from New Eastern Market) since 1975.

We had a family routine: After New Eastern, my brother Gregg and I would pester Mom to take us to the Hills for a new Lego kit (KiddyTown had the best selection, tbh). I can still smell the popcorn in the lobby.

I love York, PA and it will always have a place in my heart.

I’m grateful that York is where my parents decided to raise their family when they were just starting out on their own. And I’m grateful that Gisele and I are raising our family in Braddock, PA so they can experience the York memories of my childhood, too.

Dr. Oz, on the other hand, didn’t grow up in PA, doesn’t live in PA, and didn’t raise his family in PA.

I mean, he literally voted in New Jersey as recently as 2020. Seriously???!!!

Hopefully now you can understand why seeing Dr. Oz in my hometown is actually kind of hilarious. This guy is just so out of touch.

Send me to Washington, and I’ll fight for you with the same honesty + commitment I have for our beautiful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Thank you,

— John



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John Fetterman

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Candidate, United States Senate 2022. Running to be that 51st Vote. 🇺🇸