I believe in the power of a second chance

I’ve fought hard for second chances for Pennsylvanians, and one of my proudest accomplishments has been delivering them

Corry Sanders won a McKeesport council seat in 2015. He was denied due to a 1993 drug conviction. In 2019, I took over the Board of Pardons + got it to Governor Wolf’s desk.
Wyatt (left) and Reid were barely 18 & 19 when they went to prison for a robbery after the victim tragically died of a heart attack.
Happy tears facetiming with Dennis and Lee Horton on the day of their release—after 27 years in prison.
Brandon Flood (left) earned a pardon from the Board he now helps lead. I hired former “Lifers” Naomi Blunt Wilson and George Trudel (right) to work in my office.
The Horton Brothers have joined me in my campaign for U.S. Senate as field organizers, talking to Pennsylvanians across the state about how we’re going to reform our legal system.

I believe in second chances for so many more people like them who are stuck in our overly punitive system. I believe in second chances for Pennsylvania. And you can be damn sure I’ll keep fighting for them.



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John Fetterman

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Candidate, United States Senate 2022. Running to be that 51st Vote. 🇺🇸