Letter From Over 100 Veterans for Fetterman

To Our Friends in the Commonwealth,

Pennsylvania Veterans write today to sound the alarm against Dr. Mehmet Oz’s run for U.S. Senate. As Veterans, we took an oath to support and defend the constitution. We cannot stand by as Dr. Oz continues to embrace election denial and misinformation.

Throughout his career as a TV doctor, Dr. Oz has shown himself to be utterly devoid of any principles. Just as Oz turned his back on his pledge to “do no harm” to make millions exploiting the trust of his viewers and peddling phony miracle cures on his show, in his run for U.S. Senate, he has already turned his back on Pennsylvania’s Veterans with a platform that is hollow at best and dangerous at worst.

Not only did Oz look the other way while Republican Senator Pat Toomey obstructed passage of the bipartisan, common sense PACT Act — which guarantees health care for Veterans that have been exposed to toxic burn pits — to play politics with the health and wellbeing of millions of Combat Veterans, he wants to go further.

Rather than working to improve our quality of care through the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Health Administration, which provides health care coverage to U.S. military veterans and free treatment for all service-related injuries Dr. Oz has advocated forcing Veterans to receive health care through private health exchanges. Not only would this cost us these benefits exclusive to veterans’ health care but It’s another example of Oz putting the profits of his rich pharmaceutical and insurance industry buddies ahead of the people, fundamentally endangering the health of those who have served our country.

Where Dr. Oz failed to cut through partisan red tape and advocate for Veterans, John Fetterman stepped up loudly in support of current and former service members across the country — because Fetterman knows that support of our Veterans transcends partisan politics.

John Fetterman has made a strong and long lasting commitment to better the lives of Veterans in Pennsylvania. He believes that we must fight to expand health care access and improve quality of care provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs by securing increased funding, rigorous oversight, and necessary reforms. He also knows that veterans need increased access to mental health services for PTSD, depression, and support for reintegration into civilian society, as well as expanded addiction treatment services.

John doesn’t want to simply turn over the driver’s seat of the VA to the lowest bidder but instead he will work to improve staffing ratios and grant all VA health care staff collective bargaining rights. He believes that we can no longer cut corners on Veterans’ well-being; when Veterans sign the dotted line we have a duty to care for them.

John understands the gravity of the oath that Veterans take to our country. His lifelong commitment to principled service and his terms as Mayor of Braddock and Lt. Governor has prepared him to take a similar oath when he is elected to be the next Senator of Pennsylvania in November.


Veterans for Fetterman

  1. Jim McCall

*Family member of a Veteran.



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John Fetterman

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Candidate, United States Senate 2022. Running to be that 51st Vote. 🇺🇸